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Happy New Year !!
See you in Moscow

Vianna's first visit to Moscow in January 2020


Payments for the Host Fee

*** Bank Payments for Russian citizens ***
If you have online banking

then you can make your host fee payment
through your online banking account.

If you do not have online banking
then you will have to wait for the banks to open
after the January holidays
and make the bank payment in person from your bank.

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*** For all Non-Russian Citizens ***

All host fee payments can be made via our online payment system

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Payments for the THInK Seminar Fee

*** PayPal Invoice Payments ***

Requests to THInK for a PayPal invoice

will close on the following dates
for the following seminars

for Basic DNA Instructors – Monday 13 January at 08:00

for Advanced DNA Instructors – Saturday 18 January at 08:00

for Dig Deeper Instructors – Thursday 23 January at 08:00

for You & Creator Instructors – Saturday 25 January 08:00

After the above dates,
only online card payments
can be made for the THInK Seminar Fee

*** THInK Payment information will be sent to you
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NB. Cash Payments CAN NOT be accepted
at any stage.

We do not process payments on the first day of any seminars : please pay in advance.

More information on how to resolve payment issues can be found here
4 Instructors seminars right from the heart of Moscow, in Russia

Starting on the 15th of January, right after the festive celebrations of the Russian Christmas and New Year, Vianna will lead Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper and the Growing Your Relationships “You and Creator” seminars to Moscow.

2 Languages

Initial requirements are only for Russian and English, however we are open to other languages depending on the demand. Get in touch and we can consider more translation and interpretation for your language!

6th visit to Russia

This is the first visit of Vianna to Moscow, and is the 6th visit to Russia. Steadily growing the community since 2014, Russia is expanding at a steady rate!

Seminar Leaders & Event Hosts

The seminars hosted in 2020, will be led by Vianna Stibal.

We are looking at some support seminars, and will provide more information at a later stage.

Your hosts for this series of seminars will be Natalia Lapshicheva and Craig Koekemoer.

Vianna Stibal

Founder of the ThetaHealing® technique

Natalia Lapshicheva

Co-Host for Vianna in Russia
ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science

Craig Koekemoer

Co-Host for Vianna in Russia
ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science

Our Team

We have a team of core people who work with us on a regular basis, and they will form part of the staffing team that work behind the scenes before the seminars even start.
There will also be interpreters, translators, the audio visual team, the security team, and then of course a small number of teaching assistants who will help out.

VIDEO – How to register on

Registration on THI

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Use this link to register now :


A summary of the events in 2020.

Moscow calling – instructors seminars starting 15 January 2020!

Only for ThetaHealer®s

14 January 2020

If you are a ThetaHealer (either a Practitioner or an Instructor) then this evening meeting with Vianna is just for you! Starting around 6pm we will meet and Vianna will share some new information with you. Of course those of you who have not seen Vianna for a long time can take this opportunity to re-connect with her!



15 – 18 January 2020

The foundation of becoming a ThetaHealing® Instructor, and a super opportunity to meet Vianna Stibal and learn from the founder of the ThetaHealing® technique herself!


19 January 2020

This is an open event for anyone to attend and take part in various activities led by Vianna Stibal, including a healing circle. Based on the concept of a ThetaHealing® evening, we are running this day meeting on Sunday the 19th of January from 2pm onwards, so that you wont get stuck in the traffic of Moscow! Are you ready ?



21 – 23 January 2020

After a 2 day rest break we continue with the Advanced DNA Instructors, where you will practice and become more accustomed with really using the ThetaHealing® technique.


25 – 26 Janaury 2020

The seminar that teaches you how to dig, and where you really practice teaching others how to get to the bottom of things! As you will know this is now a requirement to be able to attend any of the other instructor seminars and continue your journey within the ThetaHealing® technique.

You and Creator INSTRUCTORS

28 – 29 January 2020

The first time for ThetaHealers® in Russia, this awesome seminar will be brought to you in Moscow. Are you ready to expand your abilities and grow your skills of intuition?


To support those of you who have not yet completed your practitioner seminar for “You & Creator” – we have teamed up with one of our team to provide you this seminar (in Russian). If you want translation into another language please contact Craig.

To register, get more information or pay for this practitioners seminar please use the button below :

You & Creator Practitioners Seminar

Fees and prices for January 2020

Here are the fees that you will pay for the Host Fee (payable to the CEC for Russia), and the Seminar Fee (payable to THInK). We will send you the appropriate payment option for the Host Fee based on the country you are from and where your payment will originate from.





Host Fee price valid until 23:59 on 20/10/2019



$ -’—

US Dollars

growing your relationships 2 : ” You & creator ” instructors




Host Fee price valid until 23:59 on 20/10/2019



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US Dollars

VIDEO – How to register on

Registration on THI

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